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Prawns cocktail Salad
Salad fattouch
Grilled vegetables salad with nuts
Crispy chicken Salad with caesar sauce
Tuna farfalle (pasta) Salad with vegetables
Fisherman’s Salad
Monegasque salad
Coleslaw salad and puffed rice
Stuffed chicken salad, avocado and heart of palm (artichokes)
Piemontaise Salad


  • FISH

Fish blanquette (grouper)
Sole fillet with Nantua sauce
Grilled fish with confit red pepper sauce (ginger and garlic)
Fish brochettes marinated with coriander seed, garlic and lemon
Tilapia filet with dugléré sauce


Beef stroganoff
Beef sauce Diable
Rosebeef in a whole grain mustard juice
Lamb leg in a vegetable juice sauce with 5 spices
Lamb tagine with prunes and vegetable
Chicken breast stuffed Saint Louis style
Chicken breast in spicy crust
Chicken brochette marinated with garlic, lemon, paprika


Boulangère patatoes
Sauté patatoes with parsley and garlic
Spring Tian vegetables
Patato gnocchi
Maroccan couscous
Leek fondue gratin


Mini fruits pie
Tarte lemon meringuée
Chocolate pie
Entremet strawberry vanilla
Entremet passion vanilla
Verrine strawberry panna cotta
Verrine chocolate mousse
Mini coconut pie
Crème caramel
Mini Paris Brest
Hibiscus crème brulee
Dacquoise praline
Fruit platter

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