Return policy


Pre- orders may be cancelled 48 hrs prior to the scheduled Pick-up time at our discretion. Please call us at 778-386-9646 to find out if your order is eligible for cancellation.
Madani’s Kitchen will refund the total price of any cancelled order to the credit or debit card used to place the order.

Wrong order
if you get the wrong order please call us and let us know we can make changes in the transactions and provide the right food.

Bad food
We cook our food fresh to order with only the finest and freshest ingredients. We take great care and pride in all the dishes we make. If the food is in bad quality, we will need the food returned the same day in the original container(s) so we may investigate and deal with the issue. We will prepare you a new food order. If you do not wish to receive a new dish, we may refund the amount to a credit card, cash refund.

Cancellation of the order
We are unable to provide refund for the return of the food or if you cancel the order when the food has been cooked. The refund is not acceptable.t