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With Madani's Kitchen, you will enjoy your cocktail evenings with its tasty and refined « petits fours ». Madani's Kitchen offers you a multitude of choices such as salmon rolls with sour vegetables, snacked prawns with sesame seeds, or vegetable tartars. Madani's Kitchen, which offers you mixed recipes, perfectly blending African and Western flavors, also prepares dishes such as crispy mozzarella, pesto prawns, mini chicken pies with mushroom duxelles or cabbage with three cheeses. The brand, which likes to please its customers, has also implemented a series of delicious desserts, including fruit tartlets, strawberry mousse verrines accompanied by chocolate as well as mini caramel custards


From now on, buffets are inescapable for all types of events you organize. Your guests expect them to be particularly well looked after but also rich and varied. Madani's Kitchen, aware of this demanding expectation, has developed buffets where you have a very wide choice to delight and satisfy your guests. Appetizers, main courses, desserts, Madani's Kitchen offers a multitude of dishes so that your event will be unforgettable and exceptional thanks to well stocked buffets. Thus, you will be able to taste as appetizers: cowpea akara, coconut breaded prawns, or meatballs with olives. The brand also offers a wide variety of dishes based on fish, meat, chicken, crustaceans ... The renowned African dishes such as « mafé « (delicious meat sauce, or groundnut paste-based), thieboudiene and meatball sauce (rice concocted with stuffed grouper, accompanied by a concentrated tomato sauce with fine fish balls). You will also have the opportunity to taste lamb barbecue or thiep yap (rice with lamb mouse). Madani's Kitchen also offers a variety of garnishes such as plantains, attiéké (yam fufu), vermicelli? You will also be able to choose from potatoes sautéed with garlic and parsley, baker's potatoes or leek melted gratin. You will also not be disappointed by the various desserts of the brand such as the tiacry (millet fufu) with chocolate foam or tiacry with fruits or the famous pineapple upside-down cake or the raisin and coconut doughnuts.


Nowadays, the importance of choosing a service that allows us to restore ourselves is crucial. We are indeed what we eat, and Madani's Kitchen wants to establish a long-term relationship of trust with its customers, who will enjoy succulent but also balanced dishes. We choose high quality vegetables and meats that make up the dishes we offer to ensure above all your well- being. Eating well is essential to preserve our health but also the environment in which we live in. Values to which Madani's Kitchen is attached and embodies through its kitchen


Madani's Kitchen offers you a service suitable to your needs for all types of events, cocktails, corporate lunches, brunches, weddings... Each event will be tailored to your image and will reflect you. You will have a wide choice of starters, appetizers, main courses, and desserts to delight your guests. Through a very varied gastronomy that harmoniously blends African and Western flavors, Madani's Kitchen's mission is to make your event unforgettable with tasty dishes made available to you. Whether they are salty, spicy, sweet there will be for all tastes


Madani's Kitchen offers you a fusion of African flavors through dishes such as « accras de niébé », those famous doughnuts spiced with beans flour, which are a real delight and always acclaimed. You can also enjoy the « Fatayas » (spicy donuts) with beef or chicken and rice vermicelli or the famous tuna pastels (spicy donuts with fish), which are also extremely popular and in demand at major events. The brand, which offers a multitude of appetizers, also proposes meatballs with two olives as well as breaded shrimps with coconut or Senegalese chicken spring rolls. So many dishes, through which the taste is at the rendezvous, concocted with tasty and varied ingredients, which will make you travel to the end of the world with each bite.